Best Chew Toys For Lab Puppies – Stop Puppies From Destroying Furniture

The Best Chew Toys for Lab Puppies - How to Stop Puppies from Destroying Furniture

Have you ever come home to a complete mess caused by your puppy’s addiction to chewing everything in the house? It happened to me and, believe me, it’s far from a pleasant sight.

It’s very common for dogs to chew furniture, pillows, slippers, and pretty much everything they can find around. Sometimes they do it out of boredom, while sometimes they display this behavior to protest certain situations, such as being left home alone or not being given a treat.

Either way, you surely don’t want your puppy to destroy half your house while you’re away. To prevent this from happening, you need to find a way to keep the puppy and his teeth busy. The best way to do so is by using chew toys that are specially designed for this purpose.

To help you find the perfect toys to keep puppies busy, we have put together a review of the best chew toys for lab puppies. But, before we get into the five best toys and their pros and cons, keep reading to learn more about why chewing toys is so important for dogs!

Quick Comparison: Best Chew Toys for Lab Puppies

Best Chew ToysQualityOur Rating
Benebone Real Flavor Chew Toy
Aizara Durable Dog Bone Chew ToyA-
Nylabone DuraChew Ring Dog Toy
Buck Bone Organics Antlers for DogsA+
PurBAODATUI Dog Chew Toy

Why Do Puppies Need to Chew?

So, you’ve noticed your dog is constantly chewing things around your house. The good news is, this behavior is completely natural, so there is nothing you should be worried about.

However, this kind of behavior can get annoying after a while, especially once the dog starts chewing through your shoes and slippers. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem. But, before we get into that, why do puppies need to chew?

The Best Chew Toys for Lab Puppies - How to Stop Puppies from Destroying Furniture

There are several reasons behind it. First and foremost, they chew out of boredom. Dogs cannot entertain themselves the way humans do so they find their own ways of having fun, such as sniffing old trash bags and chewing things around the place.

Another reason why puppies might have the urge to chew things is because of the new teeth that are coming in. While growing new teeth, puppies experience a lot of irritating gum pain and discomfort, which causes them to chew items around the house to relieve the pain.

Either way, chewing is completely natural for dogs of any age so you shouldn’t be concerned or even try to stop them from doing it. What you should do is provide them with the right items to chew, that is, the specifically designed toys used to keep puppies busy.

The Benefits of Chew Toys

Besides the obvious benefits of chew toys such as the fact that they provide entertainment for the dog, there is a whole list of other advantages that come along with them.

For example, specific chew toys can help the dog develop and improve their mental agility by making them think and interact with the toy while playing around. A great example is those kinds of chew toys into which you can insert treats, encouraging the dog to find a way and take them out.

Another great benefit of chew toys is the fact that they keep the dog’s teeth healthy. The rubber material removes harmful plaque from the teeth, keeping them healthy and freshening up their breath.

Furthermore, if your dog is experiencing toothache or gum pain, he is most likely going to start chewing the toy to relieve the pain, causing them to feel better. Besides, giving your dog a chew toy will stop them from chewing through your shoes or destroying the furniture around your house.

On top of it all, you can use chew toys to train your dog and teach him new tricks and commands. To learn more about dog training using chew toys, check out this video by Simpatico Dog Training!

What Not to Do

Many people make the same mistake when trying to keep their dog away from chewing things around the house. They use bad-tasting repellents as a way of stopping the whole furniture chewing disaster.

However, this method is often ineffective, mostly because it leaves the dog unsatisfied. You might have stopped him from chewing the couch because it smells bad but they are surely going to find something new to chew on since that is a natural urge over which they have little control.

Besides, keep in mind that the same repellents that smell bad to dogs might have an unpleasant smell to people as well, so you might completely ruin your furniture. Therefore, instead of trying to stop the dog from chewing furniture by taking it away from them, try giving them a toy that will make them happy and satisfy their chewing urge.

How to Choose the Right Chew Toys

When choosing the right chew toy for your dog, make sure to consider the size of the dog, as you want to get a toy that won’t be too big or too small for their mouth. When it comes to the shape of the toy, the most classic options are the bone-shaped chew toys.

The Best Chew Toys for Lab Puppies - How to Stop Puppies from Destroying Furniture

However, the shape is not that important in this case. What you should focus on is the material, as you want the chew toy to be completely non-toxic and made of high-quality rubber.

To help you choose the right chew toys to keep puppies busy, we’ve put together a list of best chew toys for lab puppies, including pros and cons of each product. Read on to learn more about the top five chew toys for dogs in 2018!

The Top 5 Best Chew Toys for Lab Puppies

1. Benebone Real Flavor Chew Toy

We will start our list off with the Benebone chew toy that features 100% real flavors all dogs are going to love. This chew toy is fully made in the United States so you can rest assured it is high quality and non-toxic.

The toy comes in four different flavors, including bacon, peanut, chicken, and mint if you want to really freshen up the dog’s breath. It features a specifically designed ergonomic shape that makes it easier for dogs to hold it down while chewing.

The specific rubber ridges turn this toy into a great teeth cleaner, as they help remove unwanted plaque from the dog’s teeth. With such delicious flavors, this Benebone chew toy is practically irresistible to dogs of any breed.

You can get your dog a toy that is going to entertain them for hours. Most importantly, the for different flavors make the toy more delicious than the couch, which will make your dog forget about chewing furniture.

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  • Fully made in the United States.

  • Features patented ridges for better chewing

  • Made of 100% real food ingredients as flavors

  • Comes in four different flavors.

  • Features an ergonomic design.


  • The toy is not edible.

  • You must pay attention and replace the toy in time to prevent the dog from eating pieces of it.

  • Not recommended for aggressive chewers, as they can chew through it quickly

  • Most dogs don’t like the mint flavor

2. Aizara Durable Dog Bone Chew Toy

Finding chew toys for the more aggressive chewers is a bigger challenge, as many of the toys available on the market often don’t last long enough. However, if you’re looking for a good chew toy for a dog that takes his chewing more than seriously, the Aizara durable dog bone chew toy might be the right solution for you.

This chew toy is available, which is more than worth it if we take into consideration how durable and long-lasting this toy really is. It is designed specifically for the heavy chewers, meaning it is practically indestructible.

The toy features a classic bone design suitable for any breed. One side of the bone is larger than the other, meaning your dog gets to choose what size he is most comfortable with.

Besides, the Aizara dog bone chew toy can float and bounce off the water, which makes it a great option for playing or even training your dog in pools. Overall, the chew toy does its job nicely, providing a great source of entertainment while maintaining the dog’s oral health and strengthening his jaw.

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  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Made of non-toxic, BPA-free materials

  • Flexible

  • Features a great design

  • Floats in water

  • Effectively maintains the dog’s oral health

  • The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee in case your dog is not happy with the toy


  • Doesn’t have a flavor.

3. Nylabone DuraChew Ring Dog Toy

Next up is another very powerful chew toy made by Nylabone. This manufacturer has been around since 1955, providing high-quality toys and treats for dogs all around the world. Their products are made and packaged with extra care, all within the United States.

Nylabone offers several different designs of chew toys. This particular chew toy is shaped as a ring, which is something different that dogs like to pick up after getting bored of the bone-shaped toys.

Their ring chew toy comes in multiple sizes and structures. The particular one we chose for this review is their DuraChew ring toy, which happens to be their most durable product in the line. Therefore, even the most aggressive chewers are going to be occupied by this toy for a while.

The Nylabone DuraChew toy prevents destructive chewing and keeps puppies busy thanks to its textured surface featuring various numbs and ridges. This kind of surface makes chewing even more fun for the dogs, which is why this chew toy is a great option for serious chewers.

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  • Made in the USA

  • Tough and durable

  • Keeps powerful chewers bust

  • Made by a trustworthy manufacturer

  • Features a textured surface for better chewing experience

  • Long-lasting

  • Non-toxic


  • The material is not edible, must be replaced in case of pieces falling off

4. Buck Bone Organics Antlers for Dogs

Stepping away from rubber chew toys, this product doubles as both a treat and a chew toy for your dog. The Buck Bone Antlers for dogs are completely safe for dogs, as well as completely eco-friendly. Most importantly, they provide a lot of nutritious value, as they are rich in calcium, prosperous, vitamins and various minerals.

If your dog hasn’t tried antlers before, you should definitely give this product a shot. For around 8$, you will get a 4” inch long antler that makes for a perfectly healthy chew toy. Of course, Buck Bone also has antlers in other sizes, depending on the size of the dog.

As these are elk antlers, they won’t peel off or splinter like deer antlers would. Instead, they are durable and quite long lasting, providing your dog with hours of fun chewing. The toy doesn’t have any odor and it is completely clean and ready for use inside the house.

Besides being nutritious and healthy, this chew toy/treat is going to attract the dog with its specific flavor and keep him busy long enough to forget about chewing anything else. As elk antlers are very durable, you can expect this product to last a very long period of time.

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  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Long lasting
  • Different than ordinary chew toys
  • Doubles as a chew toy and a treat in one
  • Clean from any processed materials
  • 100% organic
  • Made in the United States
  • Doesn’t have an odor


  • Very tough, some dogs might injure their teeth if chewing too aggressively.

5. BAODATUI Dog Chew Toy

Last but not the least, the fifth item on our list of best chew toys for lab puppies is the BAODATUI Dog Chew Toy. As mentioned before, interactive chew toys are highly beneficial for the dog’s mental abilities. This specific ball-shaped chew toy is great for interactive playing, as it improves the dog’s IQ and keeps him mentally stimulated.

You can get two BAODATUI dog chew toys that were designed for average chewers. The balls are made of non-toxic rubber, meaning they are 100% safe for chewing.

You can easily put your dog’s favorite treats inside the ball and watch as he tries to figure out how to snatch them. The specific texture and surface of the ball help clean the dog’s teeth and maintain proper oral health, while the specific design rewards the dog with a treat every time they figure out how to get to it.

This chew toy is a great combination of things that all dogs love, including chew toys, treats, and playing fetch with balls. Its unique design and structure are going to keep your dog busy for a long time, especially if you put delicious treats in it.

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  • An interactive toy

  • Bouncy, great for playing fetch

  • Durable enough for average chewers

  • Made of non-toxic material

  • Comes in a pack of two pieces

  • Unique design

  • Keeps the dog busy

  • Cleans teeth effectively


  • Not suitable for heavy chewers, the dog might chew through it

Quick Comparison: Best Chew Toys for Lab Puppies

Best Chew ToysQualityOur Rating
Benebone Real Flavor Chew Toy
Aizara Durable Dog Bone Chew ToyA-
Nylabone DuraChew Ring Dog Toy
Buck Bone Organics Antlers for DogsA+
PurBAODATUI Dog Chew Toy


I hope our review of the best chew toys for lab puppies has helped you decide which type of chew toy you’re going to get for your dog. Keep in mind that choosing the right chew toy largely depends on the size of your dog and whether or not he is an aggressive chewer.

In this case, you might need a sturdier, more durable chew toy that will last long enough to keep the dog away from chewing things around the house. If we had to choose one of these five chew toys we reviewed, our choice would definitely be the Buck Bone Organic Antlers.

Not only is this a great chew toy for dogs but it can also serve as a delicious treat. It is nutritious and provides great value for the dog, not only when it comes to chewing but in terms of vitamins and minerals as well.

Besides, elk antlers such as the one we reviewed are highly durable, meaning they can last longer than most rubbers chew toys available on the market. Besides keeping the dog occupied with chewing, the specific flavor of this chew toy will make the dog happy and satisfied with the treatment.

You can easily hit two birds with one stone using these elk antlers for dogs since they serve as both a great chew toy and a delicious treat as well. Whichever chew toy you decide to go for, make sure to leave us a comment below and let us know your final decision, as well as why you made that choice.

If your dog has already tried any of these chew toys, let us know whether they liked them or not!


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