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How Much Homemade Dog Food Do I Feed My Dog? A Serving Size Guide

Making homemade food for your dog can help with nutrition and be fun and fulfilling, but portion-setting can be tricky. Are you wondering “how much homemade dog food do I feed my dog?” Let’s take a look.

How Long Does it Take for a Dog to Digest Food: An In-Depth Look

Even when dogs are young, however, digestion remains a vital topic. Questions as different as how quickly dogs process nutrients to how fast food will pass through their system (and become “waste”) all depend on understanding digestion.
So, how long does it take for a dog to digest food, and what does that mean for feeding time?

Can Dogs Eat Rice? The Benefits of Brown Versus White Rice for Dogs

If you’re a dog lover, that situation is probably all too familiar. That said, while we’ve all given our dogs table scraps, some foods are healthier than others – and still more should be avoided altogether.
This begs the question – can dogs eat rice, and should they?

Can Dogs Eat Peas? An In-Depth Look

We always need to make sure that we are feeding dogs food that is healthy for them. After all, just because something that is healthy for us doesn’t mean it’s good for your dogs.
Which begs the question, can dogs eat peas, and should you?

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