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How to Choose Dog Food?

You need to make sure that the dog food you choose is nutritionally designed for the life stage of your dog. You should stay within the guidelines unless there is some unique reason not to. The next step is to …

Are Carrots Safe for Dogs?

Reward your dog with a carrot without worrying that it has too many calories. If your dog is a puppy, cold or frozen carrots can be great to help with teething.

When to Stop Feeding Puppy Food?

Puppies grow much faster than human babies do. And this is why they also need special puppy food. But when should you start them on the puppy food and when should you stop feeding it to them?

When Should You Switch to Adult Dog Food?

That said, while you can easily spot and reject a jar of Gerber Baby Food, even the most ardent dog lovers can be a bit less knowledgeable about recognizing the right time to switch from puppy to adult dog food.

Are Labrador Retrievers Smart?

Have you been wondering how smart Labrador Retrievers really are? If you have a dog of this breed, you will be lucky to know that your four-pawed friend is one of the smartest dogs in the world!

Best Dog Clippers for Dogs

Even though grooming has a lot to do with the dog’s appearance, it is also an important process that will help keep the dog happy and healthy throughout his life. Have you ever considered giving your dog a grooming treatment …

Best Dry Dog Foods For Puppies

There are hundreds of dry dog food brands on the market as we speak. Each brand offers its formula and pricing, which makes the process of choosing the right food a bit more challenging. Here are the things you need …