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Feed Your Dog Better with the Best Canned Dog Foods

We all want what’s best for our dogs, and that begins with making sure that they eat properly. One of the things that distinguishes domestic dog life from that of their wolfish counterparts is regular meals from well-regulated dog food brands. It isn’t as though wolf...

Homemade Dog Food Versus Store Bought: Which Is Better?

If you are looking for more customizable, less expensive, all-natural options, homemade is probably the way to go. If you are looking for more convenient, longer-lasting, and expertly-formulated choices, store bought is likely the better choice.

Best Dental Treats for Dogs

Below are the top 6 best-selling dog dental treats among new Chewy shoppers. 1. Bones & Chews All-Natural Dental Chew Sticks Dental sticks have a chewy texture that helps clean teeth, freshen breath and support oral health while satisfying your...

How Much Homemade Dog Food Do I Feed My Dog? A Serving Size Guide

Making homemade food for your dog can help with nutrition and be fun and fulfilling, but portion-setting can be tricky. Are you wondering “how much homemade dog food do I feed my dog?” Let’s take a look.

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